Audi A3 and Honda Civic: compact versatile

Audi A3 and Honda Civic: compact versatile

Audi and Honda each have a compact on the market able to provide driving pleasure combined with the versatility of its five-door body and a tight consumer. Two vehicles, ultimately, that stand out because of her strong personality | The Japanese automaker is committed to a five-door groundbreaking style versus a more elegant three and five-door A3.

El-renovado-Audi-A3_54301328945_51351706917_600_226El-nuevo-motor-1-6-i-DTEC-de-1_54363184007_51351706917_600_226The market debut of the new generation of the Audi A3 further elevates the bar for overall quality in the compact segment average size. The model of the German firm is considered as a reference product but there are a lot of quality opponents, such as the Civic from Honda . These two cars with an image of strong personality in all global markets.

Audi remains unchanged the identity of his model, opting not to revolutionize sports as as elegant style that has worked successfully in previous generations model. In the case of the Japanese automobile manufacturer, the latest generation has softened aesthetic boldness of above, but remains one of the most daring and transgressive cars within image, thus following the guidelines set historically in his more than forty years of experience and have made ​​the Civic an admired and highly valued vehicle anywhere in the world. In an apparent adaptation to the current demands of economical and ecological engines, the Japanese firm has extended the range of the Civic with a new diesel engine of 1.6 liters and output of 120 hp.

In addition to automatic stop-start system and to get a eco-driving as possible, this mechanism incorporates the Eco Assist function call, so that teaching by colors in the speedometer inform the driver. Moreover, it has a button Econ amending throttle response to save fuel. This Honda Civic is built as well as a reference in this section to an approved consumption 3.6 l/100 km and 94 g / km of CO2. Meanwhile, the Audi A3 Sportback offer has a diesel engine 1, 6 liters of 105 hp, too efficient and environmentally friendly, which achieved an average consumption of 3.9 l/100 km and emissions of 99 g / km.

simplifies Honda offer a unique five-door body, while Audi offers A3 configuration and original classic three-door, five-door addition to receiving the trade name Sportback. Good livability, quality of finishes and acceptable width in the rear seats are common virtues in both vehicles. Porters are spacious, with advantage to the Japanese car that offers excellent 477 liters capacity and also has a practical double bottom. Referrals dynamic engine of Honda provides the best records of acceleration and top speed, compared with Audi that stands the impeccable tuning a chassis that allows a very effective practice driving. The consequence of this is a step too high curve, supported by precise trajectories and a powerful braking.

Civic does not detract at all and driving enjoyment is fully guaranteed, with a suspension that has been reviewed and optimized by computer engineers of the German mark. It also benefits from the substantial improvements in the aerodynamic section received. ‘re ultimately two great exponents of the compact segment, with very specific styles, the most daring and elegant Honda Audi. The German car close to perfection in all sections, but the Japanese brand compact distances in its favor on such important details as the more competitive prices and also offers a warranty period more protracted in time.

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