Do it Yourself Repairing Your Car Tips

Do it Yourself Repairing Your Car Tips

Thinking of repairing your car on your own gives goosebumps. But as the quarantine life continues there are many things that we have learned. While waiting for the mechanic shops to open, here are the lists of things I have worked on.

Battery Maintenance

The battery gets dead easily when the car is not running. Knowing battery maintenance can save you a lot of headaches. The tools you will need are wrenches, corrosion-removal fluid, wire brush, and rags. If you cannot find corrosion- removal fluid; even baking soda and water will do the job. Start the process by removing the battery terminal. The negative cable should be removed first followed by positive. Apply the fluid to the post generously and use a wire brush to clean completely. Rinse with water and dry the post with rags. Replace the battery terminal with a new one.

Air filters

You should change your air filters every 12 months.

Minit Tune

Finding the exact location of air filters in the car is not a technical task; neither do you need any specific tool for the purpose. Filters are a black rectangular box with metal clips on the side. It is located under the hood of the car. The replacement procedure is mentioned in the manual too. Open the casing and note the way old filter faces. Remove the old one and insert the new one at the exact location. Do close the metal clips once you have properly fit the filter.

Changing Oil

Yes, to my surprise I changed oil on my own. As I had time, so I carefully inspected the engine making sure that it is not hot. I recommend that if you are in a hurry, do not do it. The oil loses when you heat the car, but knowing the right time to start the changing of oil matters more. Jack up your car so you can comfortably handle it. Locate the oil pan of a car once you get under it. Unscrew the drain plug to drain all the oil out. Once you are sure that oil is drained replace the drain plug.

Now go back to the engine and remove the old oil filter with the wrench. Lubricate the rubber gasket on the new oil filter with the motor oil. The new oil should be filled in two-third proportions in the new oil filter. Tighten the filter and take out the funnel. Fill the engine with new oil and check through dipstick that you have added enough of it. Discard the old oil filter and discard or recycle old oil responsibly. Here you are done repairing your car part, that is hardest for many.

Windshield Wiper

You should change the windshield wiper every six months or the utmost a year.

Rainx- Wiper Blade

This is also something you can find an owner’s manual. It made me think about how much we underestimate the manual and its importance. The process is simple, lift the blade and slowly remove old blades. Do pay attention to the way the blade is connected to the metal arm. There was a tab underside my Toyota Corolla wiper, but you may or may not have it in your car.

When I pushed the tab, the removal of the old blade got easy. Attach the new one carefully and slowly as in the process scratch on windshield or bending of the blade might happen. You can check tutorials through the internet, search for one to get a visual representation of the repairing your car.

I can confidently say that now I know my car better than before.

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