Nine tips for keeping the car paint

Nine tips for keeping the car paint

650_1000_clean_car_01Maintaining our vehicle in an acceptable state of cleanliness inside and out, as well as being recommended in terms of hygienic and safety, both our own and that of others (headlights, registration, etc.); we also help keep our vehicle in good condition for longer.

So for example will delay the onset of rust appearance, declining further tonality to befoul and makes our car look older, and other problems that will pop up over time. Therefore we give you nine tips for keeping the car paint in perfect condition.

Tips for keeping the car paint in perfect condition

650_1000_clean_car_021. Occasionally a quick wash does not hurt

Because is not that complicated or require too much time on our part. We can choose between a traditional hand wash, quick wash n spray pressure or entering the car wash. We can even combine this with our daily tasks and leave it in a car wash where for a few euros more than we would spend and saving us time, let us impeccable vehicle.

February: Whenever we can let’s avoid car washes

Sometimes there is no choice but whenever we can, avoid car washes because with the passage of time, the rollers just to create small scratches or swirls in the paint of the car. Depending on the color, will be felt more or less fairly powerful but under a lamp or the summer sun readily appreciate.

March: Pass never dry cloth or duster

650_1000_clean_car_06It is not uncommon to see occasionally in older drivers who own cars with many years but little used, with a duster withdrawing the dust that has accumulated to be parked in a garage. This action, like a car wash, scratches the painting and spoils the overall appearance thereof.

In these cases where there is only dirt and dust, it is best to give it a little wash pressure hose and then drying, leaving again spotless.

April: Quickly delete the “remains of birds”

Sometimes birds marksmanship test vehicles. After due tantrum, it’s best to go as soon as an area in which we remove the remains properly because unless very recent, once dry we can scratch the paint if we try to remove it without soak well in water. If we leave, we risk the paint being damaged by the action of acids.

May: Behind ears also washed

As we said our mother, behind the ears also need to be washed. And in this case, we speak of the wheel arches and lower body, where dirt tends to accumulate over the miles.

For this it is best to take a water jet pressure and hit a good reviewed. But be careful with the brake discs and not directly apply the cold water because if they are hot, we run the risk of bending with heat shock.

6. Salt for food and sparingly

650_1000_clean_car_05If its winter and we crossed a mountainous area where machines road maintenance have spread brine to prevent ice formation, we have to wash the vehicle as soon as we can.

The brine derived from salt, is very harmful to the paint and veneer to our vehicle. Similarly and although Spain is forbidden, if our vehicle is traveling on a beach area with salt water, it must proceed to avoid disappointment like in a few years.

7. Dar wax on, wax

So he learned the small Da-Da-Da-Daniel San Karate Kid fends off bullies and win the martial arts competition. But before the position of the Gruyere had to wax cars and paint many hurdles.

The wax also enhances the color of the vehicle and hides superficial scratches, creates a surface above the lacquer that protects the paint which decreases the action of the elements on the painting. So from time to time is no more.

8. A decontamination to remove asperities

650_1000_clean_car_04Over time, pollution and other external agents adhere to the paint. So you can make what is called decontamination with the paint again have to touch a sleek and smooth appearance as if freshly painted in light colors, remove those little dots of brown / rust color who have chosen to travel with us free .

9. Polishing occasionally

If our paint is aged, polished may be the solution to regain the car as the first day. Remove most light scratches, will revive the color and look another vehicle.

Logically eliminated as part of the original lacquer, we cannot do every week but as a solution before having to repaint is perfectly valid. Yes, done by professionals.

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