Overview of Toyota Raum Cars

Overview of Toyota Raum Cars

The very first model of Toyota Raum has offered to the world in 1997 by the Japanese car band Toyota. The car belongs to the super minivans class as well as a very practical combi. The Toyota Raum comes with a good length of about four meters, which is pretty huge enough for an average family as well as compact much for driving in the city. The car Toyota raum is equipped with efficient 1.5-liter engine along with more than 78-kilowatt motors.

Spacious Interior of Raum

The five seat compact Toyota Raum cars come with amazing features with simple usage. The front doors of the car are hinged moreover; the rear portion of the car is available by using two sliding doors. The car can be much more spacious by folding down the rear seat. Toyota Raum was the car that opened new horizons for compact cars. Raum body shape is closest to the station wagon; but thanks to the sliding rear doors, large passenger cabin space and layout of seats it can be attributed more to the minivan. All of the innovations embodied in the second generation models, were the result of modernization, carried out in 2003. The design of Toyota Raum is called universal design by experts. The car is based on the concept of ease of use, easy to use for anyone.

Significant Luggage Compartment

A distinctive feature of this model can be called a panoramic opening door on the passenger side. The rear doors open electrically. Open the back door, along with the open front door. In addition, Raum is equipped with a three-stage front door opening and additional handles that simplifies the process of embarking and disembarking passengers. The front passenger seat can be rotated around its own axis. Due to the large cabin in the car, you can place a significant amount of luggage.

Specs of Toyota Raum Cars

All modifications of the model installed 1.5-liter engine and 4-speed automatic transmission. You can also choose to modify all-wheel drive with either 2WD drive. The Toyota Raum comes with rear camera, start and stop button system, central locking system, multifunction display which is very easy to use, easy instrumental panel and clear cockpit with finish, soft and easy to handle steering wheel and much more. For safety purpose the car offers airbags for driver and passengers. Overall the Preowned Toyota Raum is the complete package and perfect family van.

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