Reasons To Wrap Your Car Instead Of Painting

Reasons To Wrap Your Car Instead Of Painting

Reasons To Wrap Your Car

People are very conscious about the way their car looks. Everyone has their taste and preferences. Some like plain cars, and others like printed ones. It is all a matter of choice and preference. Car enthusiasts are of different types. Some are crazy about racing cars, and some like regular but luxury cars. How they make their cars look is completely up to them. A car wrap comprises different designs and textures of vinyl decals attached to the car’s body, giving it a different and unusual look. There are endless options like printed wraps, plain, matte finish, or with extreme graphics, etc. People choose as per their interests and tastes. It gives an attractive look to the car’s exterior.

Gives A New And Fancy Look

Car wraps have lots of options to choose from. The options include the texture and designs. People have different tastes and opinions. Some go for simple and sophisticated designs, while others like funky and psychedelic designs and colors. Car owners can pick a wrap according to the look they want to give to their cars. There are lots of color and print options. They can go with plain or printed ones. It is not possible when you decide to paint your car. There are very limited options for prints and texture.

You Can Change It Frequently

Car wraps are much easier than paints because they are frequently changeable. If the car owner gets bored with the color or print, changing it will not take long. It means that giving a new look to the car is not a big deal, unlike painting which one cannot frequently do since it needs a lot of pre-prep and is also difficult to remove.

Resembles Paint

Although wrapping a car is very simple and different from painting, it gives the same effect. When you wrap a car with a printed or plain wrap, it looks like paint. There is no effect on any sheet unless it is not installed properly. One must get the car wrapped by an expert, so there are no loopholes. Sticking the sheet on curves is tricky; therefore, the car owner should not do it himself.


Wrapping a car is not as expensive as a painting. Neither is it non-durable, which means car wraps are economical as well as the quality is good. If you cannot afford to paint the car, you can opt for car wrapping, which gives almost the same look with a range of options regarding color, print, and texture.

Simpler Maintenance

Car wraps are easier to maintain as compared to paints. Usually, car owners must wax and wash their cars to remove contaminants. Contrarily, vinyl does not have pores to allow contaminants and pollutants. Regular paints require the owners to wash and reapply protective coats to avoid pollutants. However, there is no hassle in wrapping as vinyl is very easy to wash, and needs no protective coat.

The Damaged Section Can Be Replaced Through A Wrap

Small and big accidents happen which need repainting the car. It becomes difficult when only a small section of the car is damaged. If you try to paint that section, the overall paint becomes uneven and does not give a smooth look. In the case of car wrapping, the wrap can be replaced on the damaged section only without touching the other areas. It still gives a smooth finish and saves money, time and effort.

Simpler Maintenance

Removing paint takes a lot of time and effort. It requires using sandpaper on the entire vehicle, which is a long and difficult process. There is also a possibility of damage if not done properly. On the other hand, removing a wrap is as easy as removing a sticker. Its removal involves heating the decal, peeling it off, and using an adhesive remover. Wrap’s time frame, as provided by the manufacturer, is up to 10 years. If it is removed within that time frame, it does not harm the paint underneath. It again indicates that the car would not damage if the owner decides to change the color or print of the car.

Faster Installation

Painting your vehicle can take weeks because there are multiple coats, and the painter has to wait for each coat to dry. It includes removing the previous paint with sandpaper, which is also a time-taking process. Car wraps are easy to install. There is no need to remove the previous paint. The process of wrapping a car takes a few days. The imaging company you approach only has to print your desired wrap and install it on your car. It will give back to you in less than a week. It is even doable in a day if the imaging company does not have much to do.

More Texture Options

Vinyl has many texture options, unlike paints that only come with a single smooth texture. Wraps come in different textures, changing the look of the vehicle and how you feel when you run your hands over the car. Wraps can change the way your car looks. The appearance improves, and there is always an option to change it easily. The options include glass, matte and satin car wraps.


Wrapping a car is trendy and convenient. Rather than painting, if the car owner goes for wrapping, it is less time-taking. He will always have the option to change the appearance of the car without any damage or long process. Car wraps are easier to maintain and give the vehicle a new and trendy look. The process is quick and simpler and does not lead to any damage to the vehicle. Compared to paints, car wraps are a lot more convenient.

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