SBT Japan – The Right Choice

SBT Japan – The Right Choice


Ever since its inception on 1993, SBT Japan has been one of the leading used car exporter in Japan catering to numerous markets worldwide. Over the years, SBT Japan has succeeded in making a name for itself in the automobile market through its rigorous efforts, supreme performance and above all, it efficient credibility and reliability. Having its headquarters in Yokohama, Japan the company has not confined itself to a limited market but has expanded its customer base all over the world over the years.

High Standards

The business of used car export to numerous customers in countries in all four corners of the world first and foremost requires a solid product, a state of the art inspection system and credibility in order to gain the trust of the customers who are willing to purchase the vehicle the company offers without seeing it live or test driving it themselves. The intermediary should be efficient and effective in order to gain the customer’s confidence and then deliver on their promise. SBT Japan prides itself in being that top notch company who don’t just sell cars but make life time relationships and customers in the process.

Sterling Qualities

SBT Japan is one of the leading car exporters in the world due to their impeccable attention towards constant growth and high standards. SBT Japan ensures that:

  1. Their customers have access to their large stock of over 20,000 vehicles covering both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand drive cars from all over the world including Japan, South Korea, USA, UK and Germany.
  2. Be it any where in the world, SBT Japan will always be there to bring your car to your door step. With their numerous office present in all five continents, SBT Japan promises delivery of your purchased vehicle to you ensuring its safety and top quality. Be it the region of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, Oceania,  Europe and South America, you place the order and SBT Japan will get it for you.
  3. High customer retention in SBT Japan is ensured through 24/7 presence of customer assistance and services all around the world. The customer services representatives are there to assist with any complain or query through Phones, Emails, Live Chats and Skype session.
  4. Another major perk that SBT Japan provides to all of its customers from all over the world is     the facility of thorough inspection of vehicles before shipment, This is to ensure that the vehicle is in top prime condition before it reaches the customers in order to fulfill customer satisfaction.
  5. SBT Japan ensures the vehicle reaches it customer within the allotted time. Speedy and swift delivery for every vehicle no matter where you are is a standard SBT Japan prides in maintaining. The element of over delivering on its promises leads SBT Japan in gaining highly favorable feedback from its wide customer base.
  6. In a span of two decades, SBT japan has succeeded in becoming one of the leading entities in     used car export business. The major factor in this position is its top notch quality of products and unmatched services provided along with it to every customer around the world.
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