Students’ Choice: what cars are the most popular with students?

Students’ Choice: what cars are the most popular with students?

This is a very difficult question because student’s tastes do not only change over generations, but also between different areas and different levels of income. Some parents can afford to buy their children very expensive cars, where some parents can only afford economy cars. There is also a question of cultural differences, gender differences and whether the student bought the car for his or herself.


We must also remember that some students purchase a car and put running costs above design. With all that said, here are a few cars that are popular with students. The list is not in the order of best to worst, but is in the order of the most fuel efficient. The most fuel efficient car is listed first with the Smart ForTwo at 36 miles per gallon, moving down the list to the least efficient (but still pretty efficient) car.


Smart ForTwo – 36 MPG


This is a small car but it is dangerously efficient. It is the most cost effective car on the list, which is added to by the fact that you get thirty-six miles per gallon. The price of the car is also very, very good and it has an unprecedented safety record for a small car. The fiberglass casing bounces so that even if a person is hit by a far larger car at speed, the people inside are very likely to walk away both alive and only with superficial injuries. It is really the safest car that has ever been placed on the market.


Toyota Yaris – 32 MPG


As you may imagine with a Toyota, it is pretty fuel efficient and nice to drive. It is a modern looking and modern feeling car. It is styled very well with a nice interior and it drives very well and very responsively. There is also the fact that Toyota are currently known for producing the world’s most reliable cars, so the parents need not worry too much about the car letting the student down when he or she needs it most.


Hyundai Accent – 31 MPG


It is a good car for students who are a little more concerned about running costs. It has a very sleek style and if it is bought new then it has a ten year or 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty. It is relatively easy to maintain and it comes with all the modern features that you would expect with a Hyundai. It has a nice amount of pulling power too and plenty of space in the car for a student.


Kia Rio – 31 MPG


Students like this car because it is seen as a bit more of a fun car and lots of students consider it to be quite cute. It is reasonably affordable and the fuel economy makes it a little easier to afford in the long run. This car comes with a ten year or 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. Some students like it because their friends have one but their parents do not.


Chevrolet Aveo – 30 MPG


This is an American car that is surprisingly fuel friendly considering that American cars are not known for fuel efficiency. Students like this type of car for the simple fact that it is sleek and attractive. There is a certain novelty factor attached to it that has “richer persons” connotations to it. It is the sort of car that students buy when they want to show off a little, whilst also being quite economical to run and maintain.


Nissan Versa – 29 MPG


It is a good looking car and is not too embarrassing to be seen driving around. It is economical and has a 1.6 liter engine, so the parents will not be too upset at the thought of that student speeding around. It has all the usual car features such as stereo, etc. It also comes with a traction control system and vehicle dynamic controls.


Kia Forte – 29 MPG


The list has three Kia cars on it, but that is mainly because they produce cars that students tend to like. It comes with a 10-year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty, and is still pretty fuel efficient when you compare it to other cars on the market. As you may image, it is the outward look and the brand name that the students like about this car. Even though, it does handle and drive quite well, and is a nice reliable car.


Kia Soul – 28 MPG


This has the worst fuel efficiency of the whole list, but at twenty eight miles per gallon it is still pretty good. It is still affordable to purchase and run, and it comes with a ten year or 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. If you buy the car new then there are a few customizations that you can have installed into it such as interior trims and different paint jobs.


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