Subaru Forester is The Safest Small SUV of 2020

Subaru Forester is The Safest Small SUV of 2020

According to IIHS Ratings Subaru Forester is the safest small SUV of 2020. It means that it is the safest car that you can drive with your family around. It has frontal and side crash resistance at the optimal, with all features to support a hassle-free drive. Its e-boxer-equipped European Spec Model has the highest fine star rating in Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment program). It has been earning the highest award for the eighth consecutive year.

Superior Crash Safety

Subaru Global Platform enhances the chassis rigidity and body performance. The front lateral flexural rigidity is monitored to find that at what level the structure resists the bends of the front lateral part of the car. It turned that it has increased by 90% in the new Subaru Forester. Torsional rigidity has increased by 70% defying the bending deformation due to accidental force. The front suspension rigidity increased by 70% while the rear sub-frame rigidity has increased by 100%.

Child Occupant Protection

New Subaru Forester can provide a restraint system in the frontal and side test. As more than 1000 children die in a road accident on European roads, Euro NCAP urge vehicle manufacturers to provide seating positions in a vehicle that restraints children in case of front or side crash. The dummies placed were of 1.5 to 3 years were initially that was later changed to 6 and 10-year children on a booster seat or cushion.

During the test, monitoring happens to check head movement, neck load, and chest acceleration are strain-free. Subaru Forester had good rating as there was no noticeable dummy ejection and no hard contact during crash test. The safety provision is available in the car, so you buy special seats along with the car if you want. The proper installation of child restraints seats was also evaluated independently and was up to the mark. The seatbelt length, CRS stability, and belt buckle location is checked separately and was able to deliver results.

Standard Safety Features

Subaru Forester is the safest small SUV of 2020 and before; as the standard safety features keep its mark. The emergency braking system works up sensing when the brake needs to be put. The rear vehicle detection prevent hitting from the back. The reverse automatic braking helps you in parallel parking and reversing safely. The side view monitor helps reduce the chances of a collision. There is new facial recognition technology that detects the signs of fatigue and distraction on the face of the driver. The dual airbags are available on front and rear occupants’ protection. The dashboard has airbags in front, while the steering wheel has driver airbags. The curtain-sided airbags are available for rear-seat protection.

Other factors contribute to safety indirectly. The colors in Subaru Forester 2020 inside-out also contribute to the process. The exterior colors are crystal black silica, crimson red pearl, magnetite gray metallic, horizon blue pearl, ice silver metallic, jasper green metallic, sepia bronze metallic and crystal white pearl. The light colors have fewer chances of accidents, so they comes under safest colors. The interior upholstery is available in grey simple cloth, sport cloth or leather; Black cloth or leather; and saddle brown leather.

Hence interior scheming also helps in refreshing drive experience that might keep you alert in case of any mishap. This indicates that every detail contributed to making Forester the safest small SUV of 2020.

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