The Advantages of Manual Cars

The Advantages of Manual Cars

Manual Cars gives the practical version driving experience, as here a beast is learned to be tame without any support. They have a driver-operated clutch that usually engages and disengages by a foot pedal or hand lever. It is because of this and a few other reasons that sports cars are mostly manual. Even most of us have parents who have forced us to learn driving with manual transmission.
The advantages of manual cars are:

Low Maintenance Cost

If we calculate the maintenance cost of a manual car it is much less in comparison to its automatic counterpart. It saves a lot of money, as it is less complex. The clutch is the only item that can wear-out because of mishandling. So after thousands of mile clutch works fine, if used properly. By proper usage of the clutch, we mean putting the right amount of force on it while driving.

Fuel Economy

One of the other advantages of manual cars is optimal fuel usage. vehicles have as much as 15 percent more fuel economy in comparison to automatic ones. In this type of car,the need of high fuel consumption features like a torque converter and hydraulic pump is not there.

Less Frequency of Fluid Change

Automatic cars use engine oil in a non-consistent manner, as it predicts the gear shift automatically. In manual cars due to non-frequent gear change, the engine fluid consumes less, reducing the need for frequent change.

Better Control

In manual car brakes are not predicted, rather it is put when needed. This gives more control of the car without torque converter disturbing your drive.

Cheaper in Price

Stick shifts in manual transmission have a cheaper market price, followed by other features that are cheaper, so even the cost of production of the manual car is low. So if you are looking for a sedan in manual transmission it will be much cheaper than the automatic version of the same car.

Fewer Chances of Being Misused

As the number of automatic cars is increasing on the road, so people look for the convenience part and buy it more. So if you know how to drive a manual car and buy one, the chances of it being misused by others are pretty low. Studies prove that a person who drives an automatic car cannot drive a manual one. So even for modern-day thieves, the manual car is not a good option. It should also be kept in mind that if you know how to drive a manual car, you can easily drive an automatic one. So you can borrow cars from others while they cannot use your car.

The Best Models in Manual Cars

Several popular manual cars can add a thrill to your life. It includes cars like BMW M2, Ford Mustang, Subaru WRX GTi, and Honda Civic. While for everyday use Toyota Corolla, Nissan Bluebird, and Honda Accord are few cars that are worth trying if you want to check out the benefits of a manual car.

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