Why Are Death Rates Higher in Small Cars?

Why Are Death Rates Higher in Small Cars?

Small cars accounted for 75% of total death rates

(Globe News Wire)

Before we dive deep into why are death rates higher in small cars, we should understand the importance of small cars in our lives.
As the car has converted from a luxury to a necessity, so the need for small cars have surfaced. People look for an alternative that is pocket-friendly and easy to maintain. It is because of the changing preferences that almost every brand has a low-cost version that comes with a small engine and a smaller body.
These cars which are a life-saver for low-income people are a threat to their lives too.

Speed As The Biggest Threat

The small cars are made from low weight material to cut costs. This makes it hard to handle on the road while keeping balance. So if a small car driver is speeding up, he is playing with his life, so he should never speed up. But when driving on highway or similar places, the maintenance of high speed is crucial. That is the reason aside from heavy vehicles smaller than usual cars should not be allowed. Even when a small car driver acts responsibly, he cannot predict that car coming from the front might be speeding more than usual and can cause a threat to its life. As the rule of physics suggest that when a heavy-weight object collides with a light-weight object the impact of force will be higher

Less Protection to Driver

As small cars have less distance between engine and road, engine and driver; so the damage can be much higher. As there is no gap, so the burning of the engine because of any reason can cause the death of the driver. In case of collision as the space in front is pretty low, so the chances of the other vehicle contact to the interior are highest. And as the interior is smaller in size too, so not just the driver but all occupants are under threat.

Lack of Many Safety Features

Large cars mostly have more safety features, as it mostly falls under the luxury category because of the high price. So advance safety features like blind-spot detection and lane departure warnings are available as standard. In small cars, to reduce its cost, even basic safety features like airbags are missing. It is because of the more exposure to accident and loss prevention features, the death rate remains higher in small cars.

Everyday Usage

Small cars are mostly used by the urban population, as it takes less space to park and can easily go through traffic because of low space requirements. This implies that there are more small cars on the road than any other body. As a large population uses small cars, so the chances of accidents are higher.
So it is advisable that when you purchase a small car invest a few bucks extra to get one that has a stronger body, standard safety features, and a brand name you can trust.

The money cannot be valuable than life. Stay safe and purchase small car smartly.

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