CB Unicorn Dazzler vs CB Unicorn – Comparing Siblings

CB Unicorn Dazzler vs CB Unicorn – Comparing Siblings

Honda Unicorn, more commonly known as CB Unicorn, is a bike from Honda and was launched in 2005. A sportier variant of the Unicorn, the CB Unicorn Dazzler was launched in 2010. The CB Unicorn is equipped with a powerful 13.3 bhp engine with several cutting edge technologies which ensures smooth power delivery in all speed ranges and delivers a consistent mileage of 60 kmpl. The CB Unicorn Dazzler has a 150 cc 14 bhp reformed Honda engine with a mileage of 60 kmpl. The retuned engine with increased power has an upper hand for better cruising on highways. bike

Both the bikes have a mono-suspension for better comfort. The racing inspired state of the art mono-suspension fitted on tough yet flexible diamond frame provides stability and comfort for confident riding over any road surfaces.

The CB Unicorn comes with a smart meter console that shows the speed and riding data. The CB Unicorn Dazzler comes with a digital instrumental panel that gives the rider accurate updates down to the last second.

The CB Unicorn Dazzler has a unique floating side cowl and is ornamented with the Honda 3D emblem. On the CB Unicorn, the Honda wing mark has been placed on the fuel tank in a 3-dimensional form.

The CB Unicorn Dazzler is 8 kg lighter and has a very well balanced chassis along with a light handle setup. It is easier to negotiate the bike in traffic. It also gets dual discs, both front and back. The 240 mm front disk brake provides sure and responsive control. The CB Unicorn Dazzler also comes with tubeless tyres, both front and back, for better performance and handling. It also gets an oil soaked paper air filter while the CB Unicorn gets a viscous air filter. The rear tyre is wider for more stability. Also styling of the CB Unicorn Dazzler is better than the CB Unicorn. The CB Unicorn Dazzler’s bold front with its uniquely designed screen less front cowl is appealing than the plain CB Unicorn. It also has an exotic tail and attractive rear.

The CB Unicorn comes at a price of Rs. 63208. The CB Unicorn Dazzler comes at a price tag of Rs. 70000 onwards.

The CB Unicorn Dazzler does have a few issues. The rear shocker setup is quite hard. And in way of it losing some weight, it has introduced more plastic on the body. The engine is not as smooth as the older unicorn. Also the feeble low end torque will see one frequently changing gears in the lower spectrum.

The CB Unicorn Dazzler comes in five exciting colors, while the CB Unicorn comes in three colors.

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