Honda Civic

Honda Civic

The European Civic is reinvented to assert its family focus, with great breadth and flexibility, dynamism and good fuel efficiency, especially diesel.8b09cbcivic_9g

8b09cbcivic_1gAlways fuel efficient, the Civic was born in 1972 as a small car for the U.S. market; it is therefore more compact current long line. But in Europe, or in Spain in particular, has not been widely disseminated. The generation still for sale, produced in England, offered habitable qualities, practicality, drive ability and fuel economy that should have earned wide acceptance.

The new model for Europe , Honda changes everything to a very similar result. The penetrating front no longer strip glazed aerospace evocation , but the shapes are similar, while the rear is a bit overdone completely remodeled after one of the main objectives aerodynamic efficiency. So much so that the rear wings bear a strange diamond shape on its surface to ‘break swirls’ and small taillights behave ‘guts’ side to comb the air. This, along with the ‘lip’ of the rear, fully lower fairings and lots of details here and there, achieve a CX of 0.27. Moreover, the slightly lower height also contributes to SCx improves by 12 , 6 percent. The two volumes are quartered in formula 5 doors, high demand, so much so that even the future Civic Type R 3-door body will. Although the length increases by 5 cm, is slightly reduced wheelbase, now overhangs are longer.

8b09cbcivic_302pA slightly stiffer and slightly more equipment but the structure does increase a bit the curb weight-respected ingenious approach already known in the current Civic and the Jazz . The fuel tank 50 liters-only-is located under the front seats, leaving a flat floor in the back row and excellent functionality of their seats. These can offer its vertical folding cushion style ‘cinema seat’, which releases a huge amount for packages-especially in this area vertical-car. In addition, the backs of the seats can be folded forward conventionally, while descending the cushions to allow flat load surface. For continuity on said surface, the boot is divided into two parts, with less than approximately 100 liters (20 cm tall) hidden by a hinged floor. The rest, up to the tray, cube some 385 liters . If you want to install a spare wheel, we use the space underneath and we will almost current trunk in capacity.


8b09cbcivic_303pThe interior, with superior visual excellence, has grown slightly in all dimensions less longitudinal. Increases glazed surface and improves visibility. Controls and instrumentation are new, but reminiscent of the above, and are further grouped into the place that ‘wraps’ the driver. Contributes to this board, to extend in the top of the door panels. The instrumentation, entirely digital, focusing on the speedometer-figures-on top and below the big tachometer, flanked by two ‘clocks’ children; must adjust the riding position so that the top of the steering wheel does not cover any of the two main indicators. A multifunction display, more towards the center of the board, complements the wealth of information.

In running, comfort and dynamism shown good Honda Civic , which now has a stiffened semi-independent rear axle. Also clearly improved listening comfort. The engine will definitely preferred the Diesel 2.2 150 bhp, now tuned and lengthy developments in their shift 6 gears (6th of 60 km / h per thousand rpm), but good elasticity and excellent consumption approved.

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