Pros and Cons of Having an SUV | Which is Best SUV In 2021-2022?

Pros and Cons of Having an SUV  | Which is Best SUV In 2021-2022?

SUV is a vehicle that doubles as both a car and an off-roader. They are known for having much higher ground clearance than regular cars. It allows them to tackle much rougher terrain like dirt roads or rocks.

While SUVs do have much better off-road performance than even Jeeps, they are not great at tackling actual rough terrain due to their high center of gravity.

Even if the SUV does well over gravel roads, it will be able to handle only small obstacles because of its height. As such, SUVs are best used for city driving or mild off-roads rather than harsh terrains.

Having said that, due to low gas in most countries these days coupled along with the SUV’s ability to tackle rougher terrain. These vehicles have managed to become highly popular on release.

The term “SUV” itself is often used as a term to refer to any 4×4 vehicle that has an offroad bias. Even though cars like the Honda CRV are not SUVs despite their off-road competence.

Many people enjoy driving SUVs because of their great power and high fuel efficiency. However, SUVs also have their disadvantages which should be considered before purchasing one.

Pros Of Having An SUV:

Large Size:

SUVs tend to be larger than other standard vehicles. They provide a good deal more room for passengers and cargo space.

This is especially convenient for families with small children who need car seats. Also convenient for families that require a lot of storage space to move their things in case of shifting the house.

Fuel Efficiency:

Many people believe that SUVs have poor fuel efficiency but this is actually not true. While most classic cars have great gas mileage, you need to remember that the original purpose of an SUV was as a utility vehicle. So, they were designed to be efficient at hauling heavy loads.

As a result, many modern SUVs can achieve up to 19 miles per gallon in the city. And almost 24 miles on the highway which is equal if not better than standard sedans.


One of the most popular reasons people prefer SUVs is because they are designed to handle off-road terrain with ease.

A standard car would have a very difficult time driving through rough terrain but an SUV is built tough so it can easily do so.

This extreme ruggedness makes SUVs the perfect vehicle for families who enjoy camping and other outdoor activities and will need to travel off-road frequently.

Going on family vacations to national parks? You will love having an SUV while you explore these natural wonders. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not your car could make it!

SUVs can handle rougher terrain than regular cars making them great for camping trips and other outdoor activities.


SUVs are designed to protect passengers from dangerous collisions and other road dangers.

In fact, many large accidents that result in numerous fatalities happen because of collisions with semi-trucks or other vehicles. In these cases, the safety features on an SUV such as side airbags and crush zones provide extra protection for passengers to prevent them from being crushed in a collision.

With modern safety technology SUVs can help protect passengers from serious injuries during collisions with large-sized vehicles.

Great Resale Value:

With all of the benefits listed above, you may be surprised to learn that most SUVs retain a very good resell value even after years.

This is mainly due to the fact that people who purchase them tend to keep them for a long time so there aren’t very many older models on the market compared to more common cars, thus increasing their resale value.

SUVs hold their resale value well due to a combination of high demand and relatively low supply of previous models on the market.

Cons Of Having An SUV:


Unfortunately, all of these benefits that make SUVs great for families also mean they are expensive to purchase.

If you mainly use your SUV as a family car then this may not matter so much because it is an investment in your future.

But if you will be using a business or personal travel then the extra cost may change your mind about purchasing an SUV.

While many people love SUVs there can be significant costs associated with owning one which should be considered before making a decision.

Aggressive Driving:

Many drivers find SUVs difficult to handle in heavy traffic and around crowded city streets. Because they are larger vehicles that take up more space.

In order to be a safe driver in an SUV, you will require some extra training if you have been driving sedans or classic cars their entire lives.

Driving Safely:

Most SUVs get relatively good gas mileage and can handle rough terrain easily. But this doesn’t mean that they are immune to danger. People who are new to driving an SUV should be extra careful when driving. Because they will not have the same control over stopping distance as they had with a smaller vehicle.

In addition, it is also very easy for drivers of SUVs to lose track of their surroundings. So you should take every safety precaution possible when driving. Always obey all traffic laws and wear your seat belt at all times.

While modern SUVs are safe if operated properly, there are many benefits and disadvantages for families before deciding on whether or not one is right for your lifestyle.

All in all, if you own an SUV then congratulations! You’ve made one of the best choices possible for your family but remember that like any major decision there are also drawbacks to consider before making your final decision.

The Best SUV To Buy in 2021-2022?

SUVs are definitely very popular. New models come out every other year and automakers can’t create them fast enough. This is why we decided to compile a list of some best SUVs in 2021.

We looked at all of the latest new models currently available or announced for future release to make our list of the best SUVs in 2021. Please note that this list may change as new models are released and old ones may be discontinued.

2020 Jeep Gladiator:

Best All-around vehicle off-road and, on the road.

2020 jeep gladiator

2020 Land Rover Defender:

Expensive but worth it for its ruggedness and luxury feel on the inside.

2019 Nissan Kicks A/T:

This is a very fuel-efficient crossover that has an affordable price tag. Its amazing features give it an edge over cheaper models like it is in the market today.

2018 Audi Q7 V6 Engine Luxury Package:

For all of you who enjoy luxury without compromise! This vehicle can be all yours for $82,000.

audi q7

2019 Toyota 4Runner:

A reliable vehicle with a rugged exterior and a smooth ride, but you can’t get all the bells and whistles that some other SUVs have.

toyota 4runner

2018 Mercedes-Benz MLC 250:

You might not want to take this one off-road. But it is pretty impressive in terms of getting up to speed quickly. This SUV will be perfect for someone who wants a little race car in their life.

mercedes benz gla 250

2020 Subaru Ascent 3/4 S:

This sweet-looking SUV comes at an affordable price tag (~$26,000) while still having an impressive ground clearance and off-road capabilities!

subaru ascent

2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque:

If you are looking for a stylish vehicle that has high-end luxury features, this is the SUV for you.

range rover evoque

2019 BMW X3:

This might not be the model with all of the newest technology, but it sure does have impressive handling while still being able to get up to speed without too much fuss!

bmw x3

2020 Mazda CX-5 A/T:

If you are looking for an affordable SUV that isn’t lacking in terms of comfort and style, definitely check out this model! We think it will be especially popular among younger car buyers.

mazda cx_5

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