Why My Used Toyota Sienta Repair Cost More Than What It Is Worth?

Why My Used Toyota Sienta Repair Cost More Than What It Is Worth?

Used Toyota Sienta Owners Are Worried About the Car Repair Cost:

Used Toyota Sienta

Most car owners are found worried thinking all the time why my car repair cost more than what it worth? Well, the answer is very simple and will be discussed in this article. If you own an economical car let’s say Toyota Sienta you should know the following facts about car repairs. We are not discussing how to repair Used Toyota Sienta, but why it cost more than what you calculate at home?

Reasons, Why Your Used Toyota Sienta Repair Cost Is More Than What You Expected?

Firstly, the reason why the car repairs provider or mechanic is charging you more money is the labor cost that he has to bear. In most of the countries labor charges are very high and calculated per hour even the Government has set up minimum wages for a labor and nobody can hire a labor below the minimum wages.

Secondly, the garage owner has to maintain the car repair shop. No matter it is a small place or a large setup with many mechanics and car repair services providers the over all expenses  includes garage rent, tools, electricity, spare parts, mechanic’s salaries etc therefore one cannot even imagine that the owner will be paying all this from his pocket.

Last but not the least, the spare part and inventory maintenance, which is the reason why you have to take your car to the garage. The parts are bought at manufacture’s price of course  but including the labor charges, the other expenses of the garage and the garage owner’s earning o each repair it  sum up to an amount which seems more than what it actually worth,  though it is  the total expense on the repair of your car.

So next time you take your Used Toyota Sienta to the garage or repair shop do not calculate the parts price only, but include the overall expense on your car repair which is affected by other factors too.


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