Audi RS7 Sport back 2014, technical information

Audi RS7 Sport back 2014, technical information


The mark of the intertwined rings has been working hard to develop efficiently each and every one of the benefits and features of the new 2014 Audi RS7 Sport back , a car that is so much good young somewhat more formal, as it vehicle is a luxury, executive, but with some fresh and carefree details.

The Audi RS7 Sport back 2014 is perfect for the young executive or businessman who is looking for his new mode of transport, then desvelaré some of its aesthetic characteristics and other mechanical drive, so I invite you right now to keep reading the next paragraphs.


The market for luxury cars with sporty details has been growing in recent months, which is why Audi RS7 Sport back that 2014 is not only in the market, some of its main competitors in the market are the BMW M6 Coupé and Mercedes Benz AMG CLA45, but the Audi is leading the way in many respects.


Among its features that position it ahead of the competition are: first the Audi RS7 Sport back 2014 is much faster, plus they have a better throttle response, fuel consumption is more efficient and the weight of your body is retail, a33 pounds approximately.


The Audi RS7 Sport back 2014 invested in one of the system’s prestacionales engine of the company, I mean a block of ten cylinders in V, or one of eight V, and both have 4.0 liter displacement. The first one is able to issue a development equivalent to 552CV traction.


The given torque is 516NM respectively. The ability to drive is obtained above about 3,500 rpm. It is also important to mention that the vehicle can operate on variables of two, three, five, eight and ten cylinders, with the aim of saving as much fuel as possible.


The Audi RS7 Sport back structure 2014 has five spacious doors, aluminum trim, an aerodynamic roof, air inlets in the bumper, 18-inch sport rims and certainly a carrier can accommodate about six adults in comfort and security.

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