Mitsubishi Lancer Sport back, the diesel version is here to stay

Mitsubishi Lancer Sport back, the diesel version is here to stay


In previous article we discussed about its success Asian brand after the launch of the Mitsubishi Lancer Sport back, in fact it was so good welcome in the automotive industry that the firm decided to Re-launch its version with variations; in that sense it was based on the change of its mechanical side investing in a new engine.

This engine is governed on the basis of energy called diesel; the funny thing is the new version but this mode is here to stay, and not only to stay but to replace the previous degree of displace of mass production by the company; This was confirmed last week when Mitsubishi ad that will only be available in dealerships diesel engines as demand in this respect has grown greatly recently.


Features of the new proposal

The qualities that stand out from this last-minute addition lie mostly in their propulsion system; in this area we have a generator is mounted 1.8-liter turbo diesel direct injection own development with common rail; features 16 valves and double overhead camshafts; all capable of emitting an equivalent to the power of about 150 HP power.

Speed ​​performance and consumption

The engine disclosed above, associated with a manual six-speed transmission makes the Mitsubishi Lancer Sport back issue a charge equal to 5.6 liters per 100 kilometers; also amounted to emissions of 148g/km CO2 while their numbers remain in velocísticas 200 km / h maximum speed and acceleration from 0 to 100 Km / h in 10 seconds respectively.

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