Mitsubishi Airtrek – The Adventure Package

Mitsubishi Airtrek – The Adventure Package


Mitsubishi Outlander is the second name to this Mitsubishi Airtrek, first introduced in Japan as a 2001 model. It comes under the category of crossover SUV available as a 4 door option. The car came with features that made Mitsubishi Airtrek a running stock in Kenya, Tanzania, Russia, Mongolia and Jamaica.

The advantages that Mitsubishi Airtrek brings in include:

Catchy Design


The vehicle since its launch has a shiny strong body with touch that shows technology expertise. The Mitsubishi comes with uni body chassis coming in single body distributed in two parts, so even if collision occurs the loss to overall car body is minimal. The multiple colors of the car exterior is basically divided into two distinctive types to add value to the look of the car, making the second glance irresistible. The first of the two types include the common colors contributing positively to vehicle price, the Black being the most expensive lowest produced vehicle; the Silver being the moderate priced medium produced vehicle and the White being the cheapest bulk produced vehicle. The rare colors, on the hand, include Red; Blue and Beige having a different pricing strategy.

The Adventure Inside

1048918_10The adventure on Mitsubishi is unlimited, as multiple interior features come fully packed. The Power Steering is the first touch point where you experience a tilt position steering wheel for comfortable seating. The steering wheel turns smoothly with minimal force exertion, a gift from power option of Airtrek. Aside from this, the Power Window works on smooth movement of window up and down with main control on driver seat.

The comfortable leather seats with installation of an infotainment screen having dual function of acting as a TV and Navigation add comfort with luxury. The TV gives you access to your favorite program while the Navigation works on keeping you informed about the adjacent places like petrol pumps, hotels and shopping facilities aside from traffic jam and much more.

The Safety in Mind

18176_Outlander-13MY-airbags_1_810_375_90_c1The Security is optimized with Air Bags installation in front or curtain sided form, making the higest endanger seats, the front one, at complete shield with passenger seats optionally having the nylon yarn for sheltering life. Aside from this the technical features include Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control to prevent the slip on road with brake failure reduction.

Whether you talk about Alloy Wheels outside or the Air Conditioning inside, even petty things are considered to make Adventure have a strong presence in Mitsubishi Airtrek.

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