Mitsubishi Outlander- The Wonder SUV

Mitsubishi Outlander- The Wonder SUV

2014-mitsubishi-outlander_600x0wThe SUV was initially launched in 2001, as Japanese make for Japan, named Mitsubishi Airtrek, the second name to Mitsubishi Outlander. The vehicle was available in Car Plaza of Japan, bringing in wide SUV trends offering high ground clearance with grip on road with four wheel drive. The car like emission, fuel economy and vehicle size gave Mitsubishi an advantage hard to replicate.

Performance Multiplication

2014-mitsubishi-outlander-phev_100400637_mThe stability on road is at the best with All Wheel Control, which monitors the road intelligently with the braking to the wheel with Traction Control, so whether it is a wet or rough surface the Mitsubishi Outlander gives you a class a part experience with even tight corner turns happening to quiet efficiency. The tension is reduced to the best with the detail orientation. The petrol engine, further gives fuel economy with diesel engine option in a number of Mitsubishi’s gives better performance with load carriage to the optimal level.

Appearance Magnification

mitsubishi-outlander-damd-backThe Mitsubishi Outlander with 18 inch alloy wheel makes the first contact on road premium enough, with the durable tire material usage and stylish rims. The flat fold tailgate further gives a hard core look to the vehicle with HID lights installment to make the vehicle shine well. Therefore no matter if the atmosphere is dark or fogy it can be the best partner on road. The Roof Rail installment not only gives vehicle a sturdy look but also facilitate in exterior storage.

Comfort Duplication


The comfort is duplicated with towable third row seats giving greater space advantage, with ample cargo space at the back. The infotainment is at the best with Navigation system and USB port working best to entertain and inform you of the latest happening. Whether it is the vicinity petrol pump or hotel you are looking for important locations can be viewed through GPS settings. The program of interest aside from the audio program of interest can happen to the best with TV option and the Audio System Compatibility.

Safety Enhancement

mitsubishi-outlanderThe safety of vehicle can best be described with the help of six Air Bags providing shield in case of accident. The rise construction body led to less damage to vehicle body in case of collision with rear camera support to sense the danger beforehand. The active stability control make the vehicle well balanced in emergency turns or brake, reducing brake failure to the best.

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