How to Prevent Overheating of the Car

How to Prevent Overheating of the Car
To prevent overheating of the car check and balance is better than any other tip or trick. As we love summers but many believe that car overheating has a direct relation with it. So before summers, make sure that your are ready to face it heads-up.

Park Car in Shades

It is always recommendable that to reduce the direct impacts of weather, always find an appropriate place. When the summer directly hits the car body, it changes the temperature of the overall car body. Even if you have window shades it can be a life-saver to a certain extent. As at times when it is difficult to find the right place, the UV heat is absorbed by shades keeping interior cool. There are free-size shades available, but do sort in them to find the ones that suit your window. Get custom-shades according to make and model, if you think protection is still in question.

Air Ventilation

Close window traps heat, the glass window acts as a conductor further heating up the closed interior space. Leave the window slightly open so air can escape easily. But be alert for potential theft in case there is visible opening. The other factor to consider is the weather condition. When entering the car make sure that you control the urge to open-air conditioning systems instantly. It is recommended to keep the fresh air flowing, by keeping the window open for some time. When you turn off AC, the hot air comes out, hence start by opening the bottom ventilator. As the car began cooling, open the upper vent to keep up with the cool.

Temperature Control

The temperature gauge is there at the dashboard that tells the engine temperature. Always keep an eye on its needle. It should always pointy towards the center as if it is toward hot which means trouble. Turn off the engine at a safe place in this situation and let the car cool. You can also turn the heat on inside the car, as the hot air is extracted from the engine and coolant for time being, to prevent overheating of the car.

Reach out To Mechanic

Check the coolant level under the hood before driving in hot weather. Open the hood and locate the coolant reservoir that has indicator lines explaining the coolant level. If it indicates the lower side, simply add coolant and reattach the cap. The engine coolant composes of coolant fluid and water is 50/50 ratio. If you see any deficiency visit a mechanic to have the radiator flushed. The mechanic can better guide you about the miles after which coolant should be flushed or you can check miles requirement through the owner’s manual of the car. It might be a battery issue, so replace the battery if it is more than three years old. Do get your battery of car properly checked by a mechanic. Here is a tip that might be an instant help.
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To prevent overheating of car do take proper care and maintain overall parts.
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